Security is a feeling and it's a reality, and they're not necessarily the same things.

As a technology company you are at the forefront of the digital transformation. Given the nature of your business, you need to ensure that your information security is as advanced as you are.

As a technology company, you see a problem and try to solve it. In doing so, you provide services that require you to hold large amounts of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), intellectual property, and other forms of data. Your clients trust you with this data, and you are responsible for protecting this data in the face of potential cyber attack.

A data breach caused by a compromised application, the materialisation of an insider threat, or poor security configurations could cost you lots of money, destroy your reputation, and ultimately even suspend your operation. Your business is built on data, and it is never too early to take action to improve your company’s cybersecurity resilience and ensure that your customers’ data is protected using the very best cybersecurity practices.

Manage your information security risks and protect your business with Cynance

We help our clients to see the big picture, securing companies rather than just networks, implementing agile cybersecurity consulting practices focused on People-Processes-Technologies in a close alignment with our clients’ business needs.

Industry Challenges

Securing networks and applications

Protecting data against breaches

Identifying and managing vulnerabilities

Securing networks and applications

Complying with information security and data protection standards and regulations

Your trusted security advisors

What Cynance can do for you

As a technology company, you understand that each client needs a specific and tailor-made solution. At Cynance, we identify your specific needs and build tailored cybersecurity services for your company. We secure companies, not just networks and will help you plan and execute your information security agenda.

Working with you, we will help you assess your systems and applications for security vulnerabilities and enhance your company’s information security resilience. This includes helping you engage with stakeholders, such as internal teams from across your organisation, partners, clients, and regulators, to ensure that your cybersecurity functions are as resilient as possible.

Effective cybersecurity requires buy in from stakeholders across the board, including the different teams and departments in your organisation, who need to follow the processes and work collaboratively to reduce risk. Our approach is to look at your company as a whole to implement sustainable security processes. We engage with key employees and managers to ensure that they fully understand their individual roles within your organisation’s overall cybersecurity.

Our flexible pricing structure, highly personalised service, and the ability to get things done with little interruption to your daily work, make us the ideal partners to help you stay safe, prepare for and pass external audits, and comply with industry standards, regulations, and best practices, including GDPR, ISO 27001, and SOC2.


Our top services for tech companies

At Cynance, we provide tailored services for every business, including:

Web Application Penetration Testing

Thoroughly evaluate the security posture of your applications and systems with simulated real-life tactics.

Cloud Security Consulting

AWS/GCP/Azure: Create a security strategy for your cloud driven services and products, including protection measures, and business continuity plans.

Corporate Network Architecture Security

Review the security of your network architecture and assets. Identify any security weaknesses in design, implementation, and assess the controls that protect your assets from an attack.

Ethical Hacking Campaigns

Perform ethical hacking campaigns and penetration tests to assess your company's information security posture from an adversary's point of view.

Third Party Risk Management

Learn how to identify and assess the risks stemming from your supply chain to your organisation's information security.

Information Security Awareness Training

Train key stakeholders and employees from different teams in information security awareness.

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You care about your information security, so do we. We support you and your team to enhance your organisation’s information security posture to a level that is appropriate for you at any given time. At Cynance we breathe, eat, and sleep cybersecurity, applying our experience and knowledge to solve even the most complex security problems. Contact us now and take a step to improve your information security.