Ethical Hacking

The best way to know how resilient your business is to a cyber attack is for yourself to launch an attack and verify your defenses are up to date. Our ethical hackers imitate the adversary tactics of real world hackers to identify your organisation’s weakest links and assess your preparedness for an attack. By running an attack simulation, you can test not only your preparedness, but also detection, response, and remediation processes. An ethical hacking exercise and ongoing support will help you formulate strategies to enhance your resilience to cyber attacks and decrease their success ratio and impact.

Business First

We enable operations, and allow you to grow your business. Securely.

Technological Depth

Our cybersecurity professionals come with military grade and hi-tech experience.

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Highly Tailored Services

Every company is unique. We provide you with exactly what you need. No more, no less.

OSINT - Online Discovery

Do you know how much information about your organisation and employees is available on online sources? We apply military-grade intelligence gathering techniques to identify the information an attacker can discover from across the public internet, including technical registers, online content hosting services, social media, mass media, online magazines, photographs, and more. This information may introduce a risk to the organisation, thus finding it can improve future decision making.

Let us improve your security

You care about your information security, so do we. We support you and your team to enhance your organisation’s information security posture to a level that is appropriate for you at any given time. At Cynance we breathe, eat, and sleep cybersecurity, applying our experience and knowledge to solve even the most complex security problems. Contact us now and take a step to improve your information security.