Examine the effectiveness of your existing application security with a penetration test. Take a proactive approach that uses the same methods as attackers use, assess your applications for vulnerabilities and identify cross platform flaws to gain an overall picture of your security posture. Penetration tests are suitable for all kinds of web applications, mobile applications, and software products.

Business First

We enable operations, and allow you to grow your business. Securely.

Technological Depth

Our cybersecurity professionals come with military grade and hi-tech experience.

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Your time is important. We work fast, move quickly, and make things easy for you.

Highly Tailored Services

Every company is unique. We provide you with exactly what you need. No more, no less.

Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC)

Place security at the centre of your Software Development Life Cycle. A secure approach to development ensures that your product incorporates security best practice, such as secure coding, testing, and validation at every stage. We will support you to get better results when it comes to software security, including the establishment of clear, defined processes and measurable targets.

Let us improve your security

You care about your information security, so do we. We support you and your team to enhance your organisation’s information security posture to a level that is appropriate for you at any given time. At Cynance we breathe, eat, and sleep cybersecurity, applying our experience and knowledge to solve even the most complex security problems. Contact us now and take a step to improve your information security.