Cloud Security Design and Assessment

Stay on top of cloud emerging threats. Formulate a security strategy for your cloud infrastructure, platforms, and services by utilising Cynance’s industry expertise to improve your organisations’ cloud security posture.

As your organisation delivers and consumes more services over the cloud, your local network perimeter decreases due to Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and integrations. At the same time, your company’s attack surface expands, thus, creating more risk of a cyber breach. We help you to minimise those risks when you develop new cloud platforms and assess your cloud infrastructure, platforms and services with our agile cloud security best practices and testing methodologies.

Cloud Security Assessment

Discover system misconfigurations by using an innovative approach of attack path mapping, creating priorities based on risks from these vulnerabilities and possible attack vectors.

Security Hardening Guidelines

We provide you with security-specific hardening best practices and written technical procedures, targeted at the technologies that are used by your company.

Ransomware Protection Programme

We apply a People-Process-Technology approach to help your business defend itself from a ransomware attack or decrease the impact of an attack.

Technical Training and Education

Improve your team's technical security skills by conducting hands-on security focused training and educate your teams regarding the best practices for designing, implementing, and deploying security measures across various environments.

We Help You

Manage your network and cloud security risks and protect your business with Cynance

We help our clients to see the big picture and help them to secure their company, not just their networks. We work with you to implement smart consulting methodologies according to your business needs, limitations, and budget.

When you should carry out an assessment

Required by Clients

When requested by a client or business partner as part of the set up of a new business opportunity.

New Version/ Users

Before deploying a new or upgrading an existing cloud platform or introducing a new system functionality to a large number of users.

Periodic Testing

Carry out regular assessments as set out in your company's information security policy.


As a requirement of the security framework that you want to comply with, such as ISO 27001, SOC2 and others, or as a preparation for a third-party audit.

Testing Approaches

We carry out penetration tests on the following programs and platforms:

How we engage with you


Executive Summary

A summary of the security vulnerabilities across your cloud environment.

Detailed Reporting

A technical report describing the security vulnerabilities and potential attack-kill-chain scenarios that can compromise your cloud environment.

Remediation Proposals

Detailed initiatives to enhance your network/ cloud security.

“Cynance gave us an ‘X-ray vision’ across our entire corporate security posture, reviewing our organisation from an adversary point of you.”

Head of IT

Global business events company


Our experts are on hand to help you protect your business. 

Learn more about our services and speak to us today about how we can help you keep your business safe and secure.

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