Open Source Intelligence Services

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is aimed at gathering information about individuals or companies, by freely and legally obtaining information from publicly available sources.

Applying military-grade open source intelligence gathering techniques, we utilise various online resources and technologies across the public Internet, including social media, mass media, online magazines, academic resources, photographs, videos, and more with the goal to create a personal or business profile on your organisation.

Business Reconnaissance

Assess the information that is available to attackers when they profile their targets before launching an offensive campaign. Identify exposed business records, public registration documents, domain names, IP addresses, documents published by the company, data leaks, and more.

Personal Profile Discovery

Conduct a deep background check and an online presence assessment on a person of interest, including social media profile analysis, links to organisations and other individuals, professional background, contact details, social network accounts, and more.

We Help You

Manage your information security risks and protect your business with Cynance

We help our clients see the big picture, securing companies, not just networks. We work with you to implement smart testing methodologies according to your business needs, limitations, and budget.

When you should carry out an assessment

An integration of new vendors or business partners

Before engaging in a new business partnership with an individual or a company, conduct a discovery exercise to learn more about them.

Required by senior management

When requested by senior stakeholders in the business, to assess your organisation’s external exposure and potential risks.

Feel confident with your current security posture

Proactively assess your organisation's or your partners' external exposure to see what attackers may be able to utilise when launching an offensive campaign.

Periodic discovery

Carry out regular assessments to discover personal or your company's public exposure and leaked data.


How we engage with you


Executive Summary

A summary of the major findings of the online discovery process.

Detailed Reporting

A technical report describing the findings and potential risks that may be related to them.

Remediation Proposals

Detailed initiatives to reduce online exposure and enhance your information security.

“Cynance gave us an ‘X-ray vision’ across our entire corporate security posture, reviewing our organisation from an adversary point of you.”

Head of IT

Global business events company


Our experts are on hand to help you protect your business. 

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