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As a fintech company, you handle people’s money and personal data. Are you confident in your cybersecurity programme to keep them safe?

Your product is gaining traction and your services are increasingly popular with consumers, who rely on you to keep their funds and personal data safe. But as the range of products and services provided by fintech companies increases, so do the risks to your information security.

Information security risk management comes alongside heavy accountability obligations from regulatory frameworks to protect customers’ personal data, and has strengthened the need for effective cybersecurity policies that won’t stretch your resources.

Data breaches when they happen can have disastrous consequences for a fintech company, with loss of reputation and hefty fines, causing a dent in progress, if not forcing the company to suspend its operation. That’s why it is vital to get ahead of your cybersecurity needs as soon, and as thoroughly, as possible.

Manage your information security risks and protect your business with Cynance​

We help our clients to see the big picture, securing companies rather than just networks, implementing agile cybersecurity consulting practices focused on People-Processes-Technologies in a close alignment with our clients’ business needs.


Staying safe on the cloud

Protecting data against breaches

Identifying and managing vulnerabilities

Securing networks and applications

Compliance with data protection and security regulations

Your trusted security advisors

What Cynance can do for you

We love how people think outside the box to find solutions, and we encourage it too. We use our cybersecurity expertise in helping fintech companies of all shapes and sizes meet their information security and data protection obligations.

We will support your team to protect your clients’ most sensitive assets, help you assess your products and platforms for security vulnerabilities, and create strong processes and procedures to keep them safe and secure.

We understand the fintech ecosystem and the regulatory requirements you work with. We ensure that the systems we create both meet those requirements and demonstrate your commitment to security to your stakeholders. We help you create a strong audit trail, including designing the security documentation that supports your information security and data protection activities. Our professionals are always on hand to help you ensure that you are compliant with information security and data protection regulations and assist you to facilitate the conversation with regulators.

As your information security partners, we help you demonstrate good security practices, and support you in working with clients and third parties, always ensuring you address their specific security needs.

Our flexible pricing structure, highly personalised service, and the ability to get things done with little interruption to your daily work, make us the ideal partners to help you stay safe, prepare for and pass external audits, and comply with industry standards, regulations, and best practices, including GDPR, ISO 27001, and SOC2.


Our top services for fintech companies

At Cynance, we provide tailored services for every business, including:

CISO/ DPO/ Security Compliance as a Service

Outsource your information security/ data protection governance and compliance to our experienced professionals.

FCA/ Clients' Security Compliance Consulting

Assess your company's compliance with industry regulations and your clients' specific security needs, which may be different to your own. Develop strategies to achieve compliance.

Cloud Security Consulting - AWS/ GCP/ Azure

Create a security strategy for your cloud driven services and products, including protection measures, and continuity plans.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Thoroughly evaluate the security posture of your applications and systems with simulated real-life tactics.

Data Protection (Information Privacy) Consulting

Protect the personal data you process; demonstrate accountability by creating a comprehensive data protection framework, supported by appropriate internal procedures.

ISO 27001 Readiness

Receive guidance and support through the journey of information security standards certification.

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You care about your information security, so do we. We support you and your team to enhance your organisation’s information security posture to a level that is appropriate for you at any given time. At Cynance we breathe, eat, and sleep cybersecurity, applying our experience and knowledge to solve even the most complex security problems. Contact us now and take a step to improve your information security.