Network Penetration Testing - Red Team

Real world hackers are not deterred by advanced protection technologies, security certifications, and fancy policies. This service allows you to see in real-time how effective your security efforts are in preventing attackers from stealing your crown-jewels.

Our ‘Ethical hacking’ services simulate an actual adversary attack on your most valuable assets, allowing you to identify your organisation’s weakest links, enhance your resilience to cyber attacks and review your security from an attacker’s point of view. We use the same adversarial tactics and technologies as attackers do, testing not only your organisation’s preparedness to advanced cyber attacks but also your detection, response, and remediation capabilities.

External Attack Simulation

Real world external hacking simulation against your organisation. The attack is performed by our experienced ethical hackers, using adversarial techniques to capture your crown-jewels.

Phishing Campaign Simulation

Test your employees' awareness and the ability of the implemented technologies to prevent malicious emails that have nothing to do with your business operations, but have everything to do with attempts to compromise your organisation.

Insider Threat Simulation - The Disgruntled Employee

A simulation that mimics the actions and behaviour of a malicious employee who acts behind the firewall. This threat actor possesses a user account with standard access privileges in your domain and tries to breach security policies, circumvent technical controls, and cause damage to the organisation.

Insider Threat Simulation - The Malicious Visitor/ Vendor

A simulation of a malicious visitor/ vendor who connects a network connection cable to a port in the wall, attempting to connect to a corporate network, circumvent technical controls, and cause damage to the organisation.

Wi-Fi Security Assessment

Conduct a hacking attempt that simulates a visitor cracking organisation's wireless network security controls or performing various hacking attempts on unsuspecting wireless users, who want to access company's resources using a wireless connection.

We Help You

Manage your information security risks and protect your business with Cynance

We help our clients see the big picture, securing companies, not just networks. We work with you to implement smart testing methodologies according to your business needs, limitations, and budget.

When you should carry out an assessment

Required by senior management

When requested by senior stakeholders in the business, to assess the organisation's resilience to cyber attacks.

New network topology/ users

After deploying a new or a different network configuration or introducing a large amount of new domain users.

Feel confident with your current security posture

Proactively assess your organisation's capabilities to withstand a malicious attack, whenever you feel that you are ready for it.

Periodic testing

Carry out regular assessments as set out in your company's information security policy.

Testing Approaches

We carry out penetration tests on the following programs and platforms:

How we engage with you


Executive Summary

A summary of the security vulnerabilities across your organisation.

Detailed Reporting

A technical report describing the security vulnerabilities and potential attack-kill-chain scenarios that can compromise your organisation.

Remediation Proposals

Detailed initiatives to enhance your network security.

“Cynance gave us an ‘X-ray vision’ across our entire corporate security posture, reviewing our organisation from an adversary point of you.”

Head of IT

Global business events company


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